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A Division Of Worley and Associates Consulting Engineers

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Worley & Associates Home & Structural Inspection realizes how important a home inspection is for your largest investment whether you are buying a home or listing a home for sale or have concerns regarding the structural aspects of a home or building.

Joe Worley

Home Inspectors Huntsville, AL is Home Inspection servicing North Alabama and has been doing so since 2007.

Home and Structural Inspections, a division of Worley and Associates Engineers, is a Huntsville Inspection company engaged in performing inspections for the purpose of finding the faults and defects in all aspects of a dwelling or structure and to facilitate the sale or purchase of these properties. Additionally, we offer our structural engineering background to investigate structural defects and make risk assessments. Our home inspections are certified by our Alabama Home Inspector license HI#1066. Our structural inspections are certified by my professional engineering license PE#4860. These inspections maybe accomplished separately or in tandem, typically saving money for the client by accomplishing each of these during one site visit.

Mr. Joe Worley's education includes a BS degree from the school of architecture, and a BS degree from the school of engineering, at Auburn University. He has operated a consulting engineering business in the North Alabama area for a number of years, and extended the services to include home and structural inspections in 2007. He has inspected over 1600 residences for home buyers, home sellers, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, addiotionally, we provide structural inspection services to clients who are not involved in a real estate transaction, but require advice and guidance regarding the structural adequacy of the home or building before engaing a contractor or begining work. He is uniquely qualified to perform, report and certify these inspections. He is bonded as required by the state law and operate under the guidelines for professional ethics of AHIT (American Home Inspection Training Institute). He has met examination requirements of AHIT and utilize those standards for inspecting and reporting.

Types of Inspections:

Pre-purchase inspections of existing homes
This inspection is usually ordered by a purchaser and is for an existing home. Typically performed after a contract is signed. In Alabama, the buyer has anywhere from 7 to 10 days to have the inspection completed.

New construction home inspections
These inspections are performed on new homes that have just been completed, usually after the utilities have been turned on and the HVAC is working.

New home warranty inspections
New home/builders’ warranties usually expire after 12 months. Many individuals contract for a home inspection prior to expiration so they can take advantage of the builder’s warranty.

Pre-market inspections
This inspection is usually ordered by the seller.  This gives the seller the opportunity to address any problems prior to listing the property for sale.

Partial inspections
An inspection of a part of the home.  For example, roof, crawlspace, attic, etc.  These are for the purpose of addressing any area that may be of particular concern to the individual.  Frequently used to obtain an impartial opinion of some faulty construction techniques in preparation for litigation.

Structural Inspections and Risk Assessment
This inspection is often requested and accomplished separately from the usual home inspection, but at times are done in tandem. This inspection targets and emphasizes the condition of the structural elements of the building, i.e.: foundation, footings, foundation walls, piers, floor joists, wall framing, attic and roof framing and is used by owners to guide them and their contractors in the repair of the building. It is frequently used as a legal document by the owners attorney.